Treatment of wastewater from a packaging machine to protect a receiving media

A couple of months ago, we finished a project to improve the cleaning water treatment of a food and beverage company in the Balearic Islands. The project included the design, the delivery of materials, the assembly and commissioning. 

These improvement works were required to comply with the wastewater criteria regulated in the area where the client’s plant is located, since it is a protected environment where it is mandatory to ensure very strict wastewater conditions.

With this aim, an homogenization system with pH adjustment was installed, as well as a double filtration equipment composed of active media filters (AFM®) and active carbon filter, a phosphate removal stage and, in addition, a sludge treatment system dehydration bags. The installation was designed for a 5 m3/h flow rate.

The commissioning was carried out last March and finished as expected. It is a great pleasure to participate in projects that contribute a grain of sand to care for the environment.

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