A gateway to wastewater reuse

In an era of water restrictions and regulatory changes due to drought episodes, CIM AIGUA is proposing a water treatment system that improves conventional biological treatment facilities or SBR and aims to promote the reuse of industrial water.

It is a high efficiency MBR skid, which is built from the treatment plant operation data, ideal for installation in conventional biological treatments or SBR needing more capacity and/or more quality of the treated water, either for discharge or reuse. As you can see in the photographs below, this system is composed of pumps and membranes outside the reactor, which will provide you with easy and fast maintenance operations.

The change into a skid MBR installation can be executed in 3-4 months and requires a minimum stoppage time in the water treatment operation. Significant improvements are quickly obtained:

–                    Increase in biological treatment capacity.

–                    Improvement of the quality of the treated water.

–                    Possibility of reusing the treated water. 

This proposed solution opens the door to the reuse of wastewater for new purposes, certainly a good technique to ensure water supply in the not-so-distant future.

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