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We act in the face of the risk of drinking water supply restrictions

In the industrial beverage sector, water is the main ingredient, and therefore it is essential to guarantee the availability of drinking water to ensure the continuity of production. Faced with growing concerns about supply restrictions caused by drought, we have developed a potable water storage project in Morocco for a carbonated beverage manufacturer client.This project consists of the design, supply and assembly of three drinking water tanks with a total capacity of 1,500 m³. It also includes a disinfection system to ensure that the stored water meets the quality standards required for beverage production.

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Innovative Equipment for Automatic Sampling

At Cim Aigua, we provide our clients with equipment for the integrated sampling of wastewater, with the aim of understanding the quality of wastewater and its variations over time. This is a significant aid in water management during treatment processes.

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A gateway to wastewater reuse

In an era of water restrictions and regulatory changes due to drought episodes, CIM AIGUA is proposing a water treatment system that improves conventional biological treatment facilities or SBR and aims to promote the reuse of industrial water.

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Turnkey project for the construction of a thickener and a sludge centrifugation treatment house in a Potable Water Treatment Station (ETAP, in Spanish)

Next April we are going to carry out the commissioning of a turnkey plant, which we have been building for the last 6 months: a sludge thickener and the sludge dewatering treatment of an ETAP in Osona. This project has included the design, supply of equipment and materials, assembly and also programming by remote connection (via PLC and HMI).

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