Turn-key Projects

Engineering and construction

Based on the knowledge of the customer’s needs, we suggest an optimized global solution, which connects our scope of supply with the services required by the customer.

Design and construction of water treatment facilities

CIM Aigua offers specific solutions for water treatment both in terms of purification and process water

We focus on the customer’s needs and ensure that all facilities meet the agreed objectives and current regulations.

We are involved in all stages of the project


Preliminary design and/or engineering studies


Supply and installation of equipment, and/or assembly 




Technical service to manage the facilities, to improve the existing systems or for maintenance,

Specific solutions

Process water

  • Reduction of turbidity or specific pollutants in the water (organic matter, pesticides, chlorine…)  to be used by the industry in its processes. 
  • Preparation of the water for boiler supply or hot water circuits. 
  • Adaptation of the water quality for its use as an ingredient. 
  • Demineralized water production for industrial use. 
  • Refrigeration water treatment.
  • Water purification.
  • Water recycling.
  • Reduction of salinity in irrigation systems.
  • Remodelling and upgrading of existing water treatment facilities.


  • Solving the specific problems of each industry.
  • Treatment of waste at strict levels.
  • Industrial and urgan wastewater recovery and reuse.
  • Automation and process control.
  • Reduction of sludge generation and management costs.
  • Improvements to existing treatment plants. 
  • Adaptation to variations in pollutant load and/or dumping conditions. 
  • Selection of purification technologies adapted to each type of wastewater.
  • Physio-chemical treatments, biological treatments, …

Specific technologies for each type of water treatment

  • Process water

Filtration: flint, activated carbon, multimedia, catalytic media

  • Decantation: dynamic, static, lamellar
  • Ion exchange: decalcification, decarbonation, demineralization, mixed bed
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Elimination: nitrates, silica, pesticides, iron, radioactivity
  • Ultrafiltration and  nanofiltration
  • Electro-deionization 
  • Wastewarer
  • Roughdressing and filtration
  • Pumping
  • Homogeneization and neutralization
  • Physico-chemical treatments, by settling or flotation
  • Biologic treatments (conventional, SBR, MBBR, MBR, anaerobic)
  • Tickening and dehydration of sludge
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