Technical assistance service for substitution of loads in a demineralization treatment plant for desalinated water

The last project carried out was the replacement of resins and interior elements of a mixed-bed ion exchange column of a desalinated water demineralization system, for a company in the oil and gas sector located in the port of Barcelona.

The demineralization system consists of two mixed bed ion exchange columns, designed for a cycle time of 168 hours (1 week), with a treatment flow rate of 15 m3/h per column, with the possibility of working both columns simultaneously when required.

The action of CIM Aigua was based on emptying the resins, cleaning and verifying all the elements inside the column, replacing the collectors and interior nozzles, loading the resins, checking the valves, adjusting the dosages of chemical products, etc. Also, all spare parts have been supplied by us, after conducting a study of needs. 

Once the works were complete, commissioning was carried out, and then we worked together with the client to review and adjust the entire process to ensure the best performance.

This service was carried out successfully thanks to the training and experience in the sector of our staff.

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