Environmental management and safety

We make economic development consistent with the protection of the environment.   

Environment protection, conservation and management

CIM Aigua is firmly committed to complying with the current environmental legislation and we have developed an environmental management system that sets very strict objectives, in addition to those goals that each company sets internally, which we will also review and follow in detail. 





CIM Aigua is committed to the design and execution of projects that prioritize:

  • Pollution prevention techniques.
  • Environmental protection and conservation of natural resources.
  • Waste reduction within the applicable legal framework.
  • Optimization of water consumption in treatment plants. 
  • Strict compliance with environmental and water discharge regulations. 

We firmly believe that this environment management system is essential to ensure the proper functioning of our business and the continuity of our business in the future.

Quality policy

The aim of the quality and environmental management policy of our company is to consolidate a reality, thus following the concept of continuous improvement. Therefore we always improve our service and attention regarding the customer’s requirements in the framework of environmental safety practices.

Security and health

One of the key objectives of our company is to ensure the protection of all staff against possible occupational hazards. This policy is constantly changing as it is always adapted to new situations that may arise during the development of our projects. 

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