adapted to each process

We specialize in industrial water treatment and offer different solutions depending on the customer’s needs.


Laboratory services and procedures

Analytics and sample collection

It is essential that each production company has information on the water it generates and wastes. At CIM Aigua we carry out sampling, which can be punctual or integral (during long periods of time). These samplings are carried out automatically and the results are used to analyze and evaluate the pollutant load that arrives to the treatment plant, or that comes out of the water that is poured from the facilities. 


We also have the necessary equipment to carry out more specific water studies, depending on each need, such as carrying out jar-tes, aeration tests, respirometry tests or bioindication tests. Respirometry and bioindication techniques are a key tool in the control and optimization of processes, as they improve the efficiency of treatment in biological treatment plants. In addition, we also carry out technical process audits to asses the capacity and condition of the facilities.


From CIM AIGUA, we prepare technical reports based on the executed water studies and we also make proposals for the improvement and monitoring of the state of each water treatment plant. 

Own laboratory


Technical advice and training

At CIM Aigua we carry out technical advice service in order to keep your water treatment plant in perfect operation.

We offer:

  • Periodic visits (weekly, fornightly or monthly) of specialized technicians.
  • Diagnostic visits to evaluate possible improvements to the plant and / or equipment.
  • Online support service.

In addition, we can also technically train your staff (technicians and / or operators) so that they have the appropiate knowledge to manage the treatment plant in the best way. The training is adapted to each type of treatment plant and can be carried out in your facilities or in ours.

Online support service

Tailor-made advice service


Maintenance of water treatment plants

In any treatment plant, it is essential to identify the equipment and accessories and mantain them corretly in order to ensure their proper functioning and a long life span. For this reason, we also take care of the maintenance of your facilities, both corrective and preventive, and offer the services below: 

  • Experienced field technicians who will attend the fastest any breakdowns that may arise.
  • All year 24/7 emergency service.
  • Preventive maintenance manual; annual or quarterly.
  • Supply and repair of consumables  (filters, membranes, etc.)
  • General cleaning and chemical cleansing of membranes.
  • Calibration and repair of control instrumentation.
Operation and maintenance manuals
Preventive and corrective maintenance
Emergency service
Technical support

Experienced techicians


Supply of equipment and consumables

Our philosophy is to offer a global service. Therefore, we can supply whole equipment or specific elements, consumables and also specific chemicals needed for the operation of process water treatment plants (for example, filtration loads, sands, AFM, activated carbon, resins, membranes, filter cartridges, coagulants, chlorine, antifouling, cleaning products, etc.) and also for wastewater plants (eg. electroudes, plants, stirrers, coagulants, flocculant, antifoam, etc.)

Thanks to great agreements with distributors and manufacturers, we can offer quality products at a very competitive price. 

The most suitable products


Environmental management

Aware of the importance of environmental regulations , we offer a legal and technical advice service, as well as the management and processing of documentation to public administrations.

We manage licenses for industrial works, water dumpling and treatment, environmental communications, etc.

We also manage all reports and annual and quartely  waste certificates such as DUCA (waste use and pollution declaration) DARI (B6 volume quarterly declaration, DAE (annual packaging declaration), preliminary and monitoring reports, contamination soils, etc. 

We also manage treatment and discharge authorizations, waste acceptance forms, opening logbooks for air emissions sources, etc. and we carry out specific studies such as EMRE (special waste minimization studies, PEP (packaging waste prevention business plan), etc.

Finally, we can process the legalizations (management of sanctioning files from the Administration, allegations, requirements, etc.) and grants that you need and tax deductions. 

Technical and legal advice



We firmly believe in continuous collaboration with the customer and are committed to long-term win-win relationships. For this reason, CIM Aigua offers an outsourcing service for all areas of environmental specialization.

Thus, the customer incorporates a specialized team from CIM Aigua that will work permanently and punctually in your facilities and that will lead the possible implantation of methods and tools of continuous improvement with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of the plant. 

This outsourcing service includes:

  • CIM Aigua Personnel management
  • Consumables management
  • Analytics management
  • Management of incidences, breakdowns and spare parts.
  • Management and transport of waste

Innovative, comprehensive and coherent solutions

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