Preventive and corrective maintenance in an industrial osmosis plant in the Central Catalonia.

One of the services we offer is the management and execution of the maintenance of your facilities in order to reduce breakdowns and, as well, prevent operational stops in water production. 

Recently, a large business group that manufacture care products has trusted us and we have signed a preventive and corrective maintenance contract for its water plant for formulations, which has a production flow of 25 m³/h, that is, 500 m³/day; and consists of a pretreatment stage of sand filters and a reverse osmosis step too. 

This contract also includes risk-based maintenance and advice in order to optimize the existing facilities through proposals for process improvement, a rapid response to the needs of the factory, control of early fouling of the filtering membranes, etc.

Additionally, periodic actions/visits are also carried out, such as:

  • Traceability of the process through data collection and technical analysis.
  • On-site analytics and tests (with SDI tests) to check the performance of the treatment.
  • Control and adjustment of pre-treatment and cartridge filtration
  • Verification of all control devices
  • Adjustment of the dosages of the chemical products used
  • Chemical cleaning of the membranes
  • Supply of the necessary consumables (chemical products, filters, etc.) and spare parts.

All maintenance visits are documented and technical reports are generated, which include a detailed description of the undertaken actions and all those operating recommendations. 

The execution of good maintenance guarantees the proper operation of the plant and also allows to extend the life of the machinery.

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