Replacement of filtering membranes of an industrial osmosis plant in Central Catalonia.

Last November we carried out a project to replace 18 units of 8’’ filter membranes for a reverse osmosis plant (25 m³/h –> 500 m³/day) for a company that manufactures cleaning and care products in Central Catalonia.

This replacement of membranes also included the supply of all the necessary small material, the control and adjustment of the pretreatment and cartridge filtration, the verification of the instrumentación, the regulation of the dosages of chemical products, and culminated in a technical evaluation report about the undertaken intervention.

It turns out that this operation is very frequent in cases of technical assistance in process water, since it allows the recovery of the water production capacity.  For this reason, in parallel, a study was carried out to analyze in detail the causes that generated this failure in order to favor the useful life of the new membranes. This study included the analysis of fouling of the membranes with recommendations and proposals to improve the installation.

Once the project was finished, the improvements resulted into:

  • Significant increase in the flow produced and improvement of the efficiency of the plant.
  • Improvement of process conditions: pressures and load losses.
  • Obtaining high quality water
  • Technical evaluation of the plant parameters.

 The client was very satisfied with this intervention.

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