New Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant in La Roca del Vallès

We have recently successfully completed the construction and commissioning of a new Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant (EDAR) in La Roca del Vallès for a company in the food sector. This project establishes itself as a benchmark in sustainable and efficient solutions for wastewater management.

This new EDAR, with a flow rate of 170m³/day, consists of several stages, including reception and pumping, screening, homogenization, denitrification with rH and pH control, nitrification in an aerobic biological reactor, aerated with fans and diffusers, flotation unit with flocculant dosing, sludge conditioning chamber, and centrifuge dehydration with flocculant dosing. The services offered by CIM AIGUA include engineering, construction, material supply and installation, laboratory services, technical advice, and maintenance. The new plant notably stands out for its compactness and the use of a flotation separation stage in the biological treatment.

The construction of this new wastewater treatment plant, which lasted for 3 months, was based on a specific design according to flow and contaminant loads, substantially improving wastewater treatment while ensuring environmental sustainability. As a result, CIM AIGUA reaffirms its commitment to innovation and sustainability.

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