Innovative Equipment for Automatic Sampling

At Cim Aigua, we provide our clients with equipment for the integrated sampling of wastewater, with the aim of understanding the quality of wastewater and its variations over time. This is a significant aid in water management during treatment processes.

We emphasize the importance of having detailed and accurate information about water quality to properly size wastewater treatment plants. With the data collected by the equipment, the client can make informed decisions about the capacity and effectiveness of wastewater treatment facilities.

Firstly, the system includes 24 programmable sample bottles (between 20-9999 ml), which allow sampling every hour with frequent collections throughout the day, providing a comprehensive picture of water characteristics over time. Additionally, the equipment also records water flow throughout the sampling process. This gives a detailed analysis and a representative sample over the 24 hours of sampling, depending on the recorded flow.

In terms of technical features, the equipment consists of a peristaltic pump, battery power, time and flow sample control, and has approximate dimensions of 480 mm in diameter by 700 mm in height and weighs 19 kilograms.

In summary, the automatic sampling equipment simplifies the sample collection process and provides an essential tool for the efficient sizing of wastewater treatment plants and the continuous improvement of wastewater treatment processes.

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