Installation of the activated carbon filters for the Food and Beverage Industry overseas.

In this case, we are glad to inform you about a project carried out abroad, specifically, in Cape Verde, for a food and beverage company.

The project consisted on the design, manufacture, installation and certification of activated carbon filters in the ingredient water production stage, with the aim of improving the filtration and reducing operation shutdowns, as well as to reduce the maintenance costs of existing filters.  

Precisely, two carbon filters – AISI 316, diameter 10000 mm and cylindrical height of 2000mm, with a nozzle plate for support – were installed. Those filters are prepared for steam sanitation. 

Despite the difficulties involved in a project abroad, particularly on an island, which requires a really good organization and management of the shipping of the materials and machines, the project was a complete success and was carried out in 12 weeks. 

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