Turnkey project for the construction of a thickener and a sludge centrifugation treatment house in a Potable Water Treatment Station (ETAP, in Spanish)

Next April we are going to carry out the commissioning of a turnkey plant, which we have been building for the last 6 months: a sludge thickener and the sludge dewatering treatment of an ETAP in Osona. This project has included the design, supply of equipment and materials, assembly and also programming by remote connection (via PLC and HMI).

The installation consists of a 400m³ thickener, and a centrifuge dewater the sludge at a rate of 15m³/h with a speed variator depending on the set flow rate; with a flow rate of 2m³/h of dewatered sludge placed in a container and 20m³/h maximum flow rate of clarification from the centrifuge to the entrance of the treatment plant. Sludge is fed to the centrifuge using 3-16m³/h pumps, while the clarifier pumps are 15-32m³/h.

This new installation provides improvements compared to the old one: thickening the sludge before dewatering improves the efficiency of the centrifugation, as a much higher concentration of solids is achieved. As a technical characteristic, it is worth mentioning that the thickener tank has been built with precast and prestressed plates.

We are very satisfied with this project and look forward to its implementation.

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