We act in the face of the risk of drinking water supply restrictions

In the industrial beverage sector, water is the main ingredient, and therefore it is essential to guarantee the availability of drinking water to ensure the continuity of production. Faced with growing concerns about supply restrictions caused by drought, we have developed a potable water storage project in Morocco for a carbonated beverage manufacturer client.

This project consists of the design, supply and assembly of three drinking water tanks with a total capacity of 1,500 m³. It also includes a disinfection system to ensure that the stored water meets the quality standards required for beverage production.

The tanks provide a safe and efficient solution to keep production running during periods of drought and water supply restrictions. In this way, the company can ensure its operation and minimize the risks associated with supply cuts.

The project was completed within five months, including the phases of manufacturing, transportation, assembly and commissioning of the tanks. This rapid execution has been key to responding to the urgent needs of the sector and guaranteeing the continuity of production without interruptions.

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