Process water treatment plant for the regional food industry

Last August we started up a process water treatment plant for a ready-made food factory in the area of Bages. It is a turnkey project and, therefore, we have taken care of the design, the supply of materials and equipment, the assembly and the validation. The scope of the installation goes from the municipal network water connection to the treated water tank, including the pressure group for the internal network of the factory.

During the design phase of the project, it was decided that the plant had to have a duplex system, 2 x 100%, in order to ensure the continuous supply of softened and disinfected water to the factory; and so it was done.

Specifically, the new plant consists of 2 softeners of 30m3/h each, with 1000 liters of resin each (which work alternately), a regeneration system with liquid brine, a 50m3 treated water tank with chlorine and sodium hypochlorite dosing, and also a pressure group of treated water.

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