Optimization of Water Consumption in a Potable Water Treatment Plant (ETAP, in Berguedá area)

This week’s news aims to explain a project to optimize water consumption in the continuous washing filtration stage, carried out at an ETAP (PWTP) in Berguedà.

In order to reduce water consumption when washing filters, we have changed to an intermittent backwash system. In the existing installation, 3 control devices have been incorporated: one for pressure loss, one for time and a mixed system. In addition to the incorporation of sensors, an automatic purge must also be prepared, which will be controlled by a PLC. This modification allows the washing water to be reduced by 75/85%, depending on the quality of the feed water.

To carry out an improvement of this type, a large investment is not necessary and, additionally, the implementation is very fast, since it can be carried out in about 3-4 weeks.

We consider that saving water is essential in the times we live in and optimizing its consumption is an advance in any installation.

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