Innovation impact

During the Project for factory’s enhancement there are multiple factors to be aware of. One of them is the increase in wastewater that will take place. In some cases, these waters may present some specificities that make advisable a particular pre-treatment before it’s derivation to the wastewater plant treatment.

In this case, from the food industry, the factory’s new production units created a certain amount of wastewater with a high fat content; unlike the wastewaters treated previously in the plant. That is the reason why a specific pretreatment was designed.

In this particular case, with the aim to prevent the solidification of the fluid, a heat pump for water was installed. With heated water the pipes are maintained at all moment at the necessary temperature. This innovation allows to treat the wastewaters with ease and avoids pipeline obstructions.

A specific buried tank is constructed, with a transitable cover to store those waters for a brief period. It was equipped with a radiant floor in order to keep the temperature where wastewater is liquid.

Finally, a physical-chemical treatment is realized to separate fat. The product is directly sent to a container as is becomes solid at ambient temperature. Clarified water is send to the plant wastewater treatment equipment to be cleaned.

The use of a known technology in a new field can solve specific problems with the right approach. Lateral thinking and a customer service that connect with it’s specific requirements is essential.

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