Grow and improvement

Our most recent expansion work for a wastewater treatment plant implemented a split in the treatment line.

The treatment plant had a physical-chemical treatment, followed by a biological treatment with two biological reactors and one decanter tank. Sludges were treated with a centrifugal dehydrator.

Due to the increase in wastewater flow the plant was unable to absorb all the demand in a satisfactory way. Thus, different expansions have been realized with new equipment and line splitting. Physical-chemical treatment was improved with a bigger equipment with greater capacity; also, sludges equipment was renovated with new dehydrator.

About the biological treatment, both the biological reactors where communicated and connected to the decanter tank. The intervention made a reversible separation between them. Actually, water from one of them is clarified from biological sludges by a physical-chemical separator.

Biological sludges are collected and send back to reactor in order to maintain the plant alive. Periodically they are also purged to sludges treatment.

This system with two parallel lines allows the clarification of one or both reactors through the decanter tank or the physical-chemical treatment, presenting a great flexibility in treatment line and allowing the treatment of an increase flow of wastewater.

Expansion required of several new equipment, physical-chemical separator, centrifugal dehydrator, product preparation plants, pumps and sensors that have been integrated in the control and automatization system granting the whole plant an automatic operation.

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