Desperate times call for…efficient solutions

It is very common in our installations to find buried tanks. This solution allows no grow useful space and it’s aesthetically pleasant. In those cases, it is obviously necessary to perform holes in order to allow access, maintenance and aeration.

In this case in our customer plant, a factory from Valles, there is a buried deposit under an access building. Thus, the aeration holes unfortunately dispatch bad smells to the upper space.

In aim of solving this problem and improve the space habitability, an active carbon filter has been installed that forces aeration from the buried reservoir and removes, at the same time, the bad smells.

The installation consists of a tube that extracts aire from the tank and forces it throw the active carbon, sending it throw the interior flue completely clean and removing the bad smells.

Active carbon works through a chemical principle, picking all the particles present in the air; that cause not only bad smells but also pollution. With this solution air comes clean and healthy.

Problem has been resolved and there are no bad smells in the place anymore.

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