Decalcified water production facility for service use

One of the recently completed projects for the Catalan meat industry has been two facilities for the production of decalcified water for service uses (process, machinery cleaning, boiler and cooling system, etc.). To this end, two water treatment facilities have been supplied fitted with AFM® filtration and Upcore® descaling, providing two different production flows according to the location (720 m3/day and 600 m3/day). 

On the one hand, AFM® filtration prevents biofouling in the pretreatment stage, optimizes water consumption in filter washing and improves the quality of the filtered water. On the other hand, the Upcore® descaling system reduces the consumption of salt and water in the regeneration phase, with a better improvement in the quality of the treated water.

This plant had as its objectives the saving of water and the reduction of the environmental impact, which have both been achieved thanks to the systems used and described above. Otherwise, the execution was completed in record time.

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