Contract for the maintenance and technical assistance service of the industrial osmosis plant in Central Catalonia.

One of the preventive maintenance carried out in 2022 was for a 200-m³/day flow rate reverse osmosis plant for a manufacturer and distributor of industrial chemical products.

This maintenance contract consisted of several periodic visits by an experienced technician who also advised the client’s staff.  During those technical visits, the actions listed were undertaken: process data collection for a subsequent detailed analysis, in-situ analytics and tests to check the installation performance, also SDI testings, control and pretreatment adjustment (carbon filters, cartridge filtration and decalcification), verification of all instruments, regulation and optimization of chemical products dosages, chemical cleaning of the membranes and of the electrodeionization equipment, and also the supply of the necessary chemical products and spare parts agreed in advance.

Each technical visit ends with a detailed report on the undertaken actions and with a list of operating recommendations and proposals for improvement, if required.

The advantages of carrying out a preventive maintenance in your facilities are several and, especially in those production plants for ingredient water, as it was this case. Mainly, it prevents from operation shutdowns and a great number of breakdowns, as well as:

  • Early control of the fouling of the reverse osmosis membranes and the deionization cell (CEDI).
  • Optimization of the process and conversion of the plant. 
  • Quick response to incidents occurred.
  • Easy and quick access to spare parts. 
  • Constant optimization of the process and the installation.
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